What Can Group Therapy Offer Me?

The Fears

  • I don’t need group therapy.
  • I don’t want to sit in a circle with a bunch of crazy people and talk about my feelings.
  • Maybe I’ll go see a therapist one-on-one, but no way am I going into a group.
  • What are we, all gonna cry and hug at the end? Whoop-dee-doo, how sweet.
  • I just want to lay in my bed and not move, please stop bothering me and I won’t bother you.
  • I would rather be dead right now.


That’s how my post starts off today, but, I wrote it for Brittany Fichter and her readers.

Well, you’re invited too of course!

You should check out her blog anyway, because it’s a gem. Brittany works with special needs children, and provides solid information about mental illness. She also lives with Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, and anxiety disorder. She proves every day that you can lead a meaningful life in spite of these things.

I am honored to be invited to guest post on Brittany’s blog, and I hope you’ll check out my post on her site, and all of her great work too. (That includes a bunch of free downloads, by the way!)


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