How To Reach The One Person Who Needs You

The answer lies in the power of networks.

It’s been bugging me since I started blogging. In several recent & older posts, I’ve hypothesized how to deliver mental health treatment to those who need it. Some reach out but can’t get it, some aren’t aware of it, and others avoid it.

‘You can’t save everyone’ you might say. That’s true, but I’m only interested in one person; the person who needs it.

I know that one person is out there right now who needs it. How can I know that? Because almost 100 people die every day by suicide. Because I needed it, and I am not alone.

I view the internet as a powerful medium through which I can reach that one person. Except, how? I did not search the web for answers when I was depressed. I did not write a blog that might have alerted a friend, or authorities.

The way to reach that one person is to pick something that I can do, and keep doing it, better and better, every day. I can write.

Deliver something worth sharing every day, and the network will spread it like wildfire. The trick is, it has to be worth spreading. (The network is all of us; you can read more about the theory here.)

It starts very slowly but picks up rapidly. It does not work in reverse.

That’s how I hope to reach that one person. That’s how you can too.


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