I Have No Clue Why I Am Here

None of us has any clue what we are doing here, and that’s really scary.
We’re much smarter than the animals around us, but, we’re not smart enough to figure everything out. We don’t know what goes on inside our own brains, or what’s out there in the universe.

Ever since we secured the basic needs of food, clothes, and shelter, we’ve been left with spare time to work on improving life.

Then we invented cities, governments, and money. For the most part, these work. We have a place to live, to raise a family, and to earn.

Along the way, we told ourselves stories. We made up explanations to explain the unexplainable. Because, to simply admit, “I have no idea what I am doing here” is unacceptable to most of us.

There are cracks in the armor. Economies collapse, cities wars, and people kill each other over stories.

Civilization is a good thing; it gives us the opportunity to talk to each other. It’s just … missing something.

I’m scared too. I don’t have all the answers, but I think it’s safe to say that we really have to look each other in the eye and admit the fact that we’re scared, or else we’re never going to solve any of our problems.

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