Why You Should Practice Reflection Every Day

I’ve written about getting second chances and having nothing left to fear.
A near-death experience, illness, or other close encounter is not a prerequisite for reflection and thanks. Actually, even if you’ve had one of those experiences, it still takes practice.

Write down one thing that you are thankful for every day. James Altucher commands you to write ten, but, I’ll take one – if you start now.

Yours can be short – one sentence is fine. Try something like this, right now:

  • [I’m thankful for …] the fact that plows are able to clear my street from snow within a few hours.
  • [I’m thankful for …] the fact that I can listen to Comedy Central Radio via satellite radio twenty-four hours a day.
  • [I’m thankful for …] the fact that readers like you take the time to read my posts.

Maybe you’ll want to write something longer. Great! Here’s an excerpt of mine that’s about Reflecting On Why Even Regular Bathtime Fun Should Be Cherished.

Your arms would wrap around my neck, and your naked cheek would plant itself to my shoulder. You would not let go. Sometimes you would pat my back repeatedly … pat-pat-pat-pat … as if to tell me that everything was going to be OK. Eventually, I’d have to peel you off of myself in order to dress you.

You don’t have to publish your notes on the internet, but you do have to write them daily, because everything we have can be gone in an instant.

The full new (& brief) article on reflection is here on ParentSociety. FYI that is not a picture of my son, whom I was writing about.


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