We’re All Slightly Mental

That’s the new ‘tagline’ of my blog. A blog without a direction will never succeed.
Over the past year of blogging, I have learned much. For example:

  • A lot of my posts sucked even though I thought they were good.
  • A lot of my posts sucked when I suspected they did suck.
  • A lot of my posts were good but could have been great.
  • A couple of my posts might have been great, or better than good, but they never reached the right audience.

OK so it’s not really that bad, but the point is, I’m learning how to make them better.

There is no such thing as a uniformly perfect mental profile. You might never have a mental illness – basically, uncontrollable thoughts that overtake your daily life – but you do have unwanted thoughts.

On this blog, you can feel free to talk about them with me.



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