Why Should You Trust Me?

You can trust me because I was once a professional liar.
For ten long years, I lied about everything. I lied with my words, my face, and my being. It was hard work.

Then it all imploded because, a house cannot be built on a weak foundation. I tried to kill myself.

I failed at that too. Do you see the pattern here?

Depression turned my world upside down, to the point where I believed that death was success, and lies were fooling others.

I’ve probably over compensated to the point where now, I cannot stand a half-truth, or minor omission.

The good news is that you get to read a stream of unfiltered honesty. (My wife is thrilled about this.)

Oh – I’ve done other things besides attempt suicide. I write about those too.

My life is wonderfully blessed now. With my second chance, comes a mission:

To tell the truth about what goes on inside my head.

– Matt F.

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