I stumbled across a Twitter account called @Anti-Disney. Its existence doesn’t surprise me; many people hate large corporations and take to the internet to attack them.
I advocate listening on this blog; I believe it’s the only way forward. So I began reading @Anti-Disney’s tweets to see what might be so bad about Disney.

Disclosure statement: I am a parent of two children who consume a large amount of Disney media weekly. In our home, we read many Disney fairy tale books, watch the Disney Jr. channel, and have many Disney toys. We recently took a trip to Disneyland in Florida. Our children are four and two, and they genuinely love Disney products.

I generally question the motives of everything, often including the actions of large corporations. I am extremely wary of the pervasive effects that marketing has in our lives, and I’ve written several posts about being careful to separate ourselves from those things.

So, I proceed with an open mind.

As it specifically relates to Disney, by no means do I believe that Disney (the company) is one-hundred percent benevolent. No company is, certainly no company that large can be. I was disgusted when the Michael Eisner (the CEO of Disney) had a back-door meeting with the Roger Goodell (Commissioner of the NFL), after which ESPN’s (a subsidiary of Disney) funding and partnership was surreptitiously withdrawn from the important PBS / Frontline documentary League of Denial.

Disney is a business out to make a profit and protect their interests. Plain and simple. So for the sake of this argument, I fully concede to @Anti-Disney that the business side of Disney is evil.

Now let’s take a look at these tweets from @Anti-Disney’s timeline:

Disney is a corporation that makes its bread and butter by tampering with the minds of children.

Disney’s programs are created with the intent of ruining a child’s ability to focus on ideas, instead focusing on stuff.

Disney is a classist corporation that depicts the working-class in a systematically negative fashion.

That’s what you can expect to read on their feed all day long, if you so choose. At the time of the writing of this article, @Anti-Disney has 2,673 followers on Twitter. Each of their tweets garners approximately 30 re-tweets and 10 favorites, which means that there are a bunch of people out there who presumably feel the same way.

I can’t convince anyone to feel any way. But I would like those people to please tell me,

What is so bad about the fact that my daughter likes to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen around the house all day? The song is about releasing inhibitions and going after your dreams.

What song should she sing instead? Something from the USSR circa 1983? Or, is singing just evil?

Please, do tell me. I’m not afraid to admit that you have a point. Coincidentally, I put my real name on my blog and Twitter account. Are you afraid to have fun?

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