You Have A Lot To Learn

“You have a lot to learn.” Sounds crass, no?
It’s not the statement of fact that’s the problem – it’s the fact of the statement that bothers us. Hence, we take it as an insult.

You, and I, do have a lot to learn, and I don’t just mean French or canasta.

I’ve been helping run a small business for more than ten years. I thought I knew a lot about small business. It turns out that I do; but there is also a lot I don’t.

So I invested $19 and took a class online. It was so much more valuable than the money I spent. If you want to start a new business, click on that link. You’ll save $10 and only pay $9.

I try to walk through life assuming as little as possible, but, sometimes it’s hard to do that in an area which you feel you have expertise. Except, you must.

You must because times are changing faster than they ever did before, and what works today does not work tomorrow.

The good news is that, all of the tools to learn whatever you need to learn are at your disposal, on the internet.

Saying ‘I didn’t know how to do that’ doesn’t cut it anymore. This weekend I’m going to learn how to create typographical logos. I’ll spend another $20 but save hundreds or thousands in design costs. What are you going to learn?

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