Emotional Growth

At the age of thirteen, the onset of depression diverted my emotional growth. For the next ten years, I grew, but not on the same path as most. Mine path was more like a branch growing jagged from the side of a bush. Physically  I looked the same as all the others, but emotionally, I was not right.
You can trim a branch before it bends. It won’t die, and it might grow straight again. The hard part is making the cut.

For me that meant fully surrendering to the process of therapy. The process included hospitalization, medicines, individual & family & group sessions with multiple therapists, outpatient treatments, work, and individual learning & exercises. It lasted several years. For some, it will be ongoing, with no end.

I had to accept that in order to grow, I needed to take several steps backwards. Once you start down the wrong path, there is not always a shortcut to the right one.

3 thoughts

  1. I’m assuming you have already read “It’s Kind of A Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini. It is a wonderful, breakthrough young adult novel that deals with teen mental illness and depression. Sadly, Mr. Vizzini took his own life a few weeks ago, but that fact does not make this book any less relevant. Maybe it makes it even more so.

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