How To Lose A Client via Email

I just drafted an emotional email to a client, then quickly decided to place it in the trash.
I made several points, which I was probably right about. I worded it very positively. But how were they going to feel about it?

They were going to feel like they did something wrong. That’s not what any client wants to feel.

In my reaction I implemented a policy change, worded as a ‘suggestion’. So I was telling them that they were wrong about A, B, & C, and that things needed to change.

The only thing that would have changed if I sent that email is that I would have lost their trust.

Here is the revised email that I did send:

Hi ____,

I’m sorry if that came across as rude, I did not mean it that way. I want you to know that was not my intent.

Thank you,

Nothing further needs to be said than that.


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