Which Medium Deserves Your Attention?

“The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention.” – Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy

Writing in 1999, Kevin Kelly’s work was prophetic. He all but predicted the rise of Google, Facebook, and so many other behemoths that came to permeate our day. It’s still fascinating – and relevant – to read today.

One thing has not changed: our day is twenty-four hours long.

That’s how I know, after I take a week’s vacation and unplug, which web-based communities are valuable to me. I miss them.

Google+, Quora, & WordPress. Those are my three. You might have others; which ones they are, it doesn’t matter.

Those are the places I get to interact with readers and writers on the subjects that interest me.

Which networks didn’t I miss? Facebook and Twitter. Do they have value? Yes, of course. The point is, I should spend as few minutes per day as possible on Facebook and Twitter.

Go to where the connections you make are the most meaningful, and spend more time with them. Reduce the rest.

You only have twenty-four hours. How will you use it?

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