Ice-Cold Water Therapy

I always knew that I would wake up at some point, but in the deepest times of depression I could easily sleep for twenty-four straight hours.
A few times roommates and friends would ask me if I was alright, or if I was going to go to class today, etc. … I would simply shrug them off any way I could.

It wasn’t their responsibility, and they did nothing wrong. They might have suspected but could not have known.

Well I’m telling you right now, if you are reading this post, you know.

Take a bucket of ice-cold water and dump it directly over anyone’s head who does not get out of bed for days at a time. (Assuming they don’t have pneumonia.)

You’re not going to solve their problems by doing this, but you’re not going to make them any worse either.

What is going to happen is, the depressed person is going to realize that you are not going away and you are not going to ignore their state.

The sooner they are forced to talk, the better.

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