Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss Social Media For Your Business

Are you skeptical that ‘social media’ can grow your business? There is a lot of fluff out there, and it’s difficult to sift through. The easy thing to do is tell yourself: I’m never going to ______ . (insert verb that you despise such as: tweet, blog, tumble, +1, or like) It takes too much time toContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss Social Media For Your Business”

How to Make an Ineffective Offer

Here are two ‘offers’ that were made to me that I found ineffective: One was an attempt to collect a debt. The creditor wanted us to pay the debt in installments, but they refused to make the first suggestion as to the length of the term. The guy on the phone only kept saying somethingContinue reading “How to Make an Ineffective Offer”

Emotional Growth

At the age of thirteen, the onset of depression diverted my emotional growth. For the next ten years, I grew, but not on the same path as most. Mine path was more like a branch growing jagged from the side of a bush. Physically  I looked the same as all the others, but emotionally, I wasContinue reading “Emotional Growth”

Deciding To Be Helped

My memory of the moment I decided to be helped is distant and unclear. I was sitting in the ward common area, across the table from my psychiatrist. In his hand was a letter wrote. A letter containing words rational only inside a depressed mind. I made arguments to leave me to my own devices, exceptContinue reading “Deciding To Be Helped”

Hate Could Be Your Best Business Idea

If you hate the way a company does business, you could take to the internet, create a Twitter account, Facebook page, review site, blog or other website and start bashing it. Or you could create a better option and offer it to people. If there really is a void in the market, or something thatContinue reading “Hate Could Be Your Best Business Idea”

The Price of Admission

You could get thousands of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ with a few clicks, and perhaps a few dollars. On the other hand, no amount of money, no social media tactic, can get one person to care about you or your product. I believe this is true whether you run a blue-collar business, bipolar blog, or big bank.Continue reading “The Price of Admission”

Time Changes Nothing

Save perhaps a terrible hangover, you don’t feel any different when you wake up on January 1st versus the previous morning. Why? Calendars, being man-made, serve as common points of reference, but they are not real. They are perceived. Except, we’ve become hyper-focused on calendars and clocks. Everything hinges on the quarterly numbers. Deadlines mustContinue reading “Time Changes Nothing”

Collecting Internet Dust

“I think Facebook should advertise itself as a memorial service for the living. It makes the present feel as if it is instantaneously collecting dust.” – Carrie Brownstein, ‘You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song‘ Aside from the fact that I admire the quote & the article (by the way, Brownstein is co-creator ofContinue reading “Collecting Internet Dust”

Your Brain Fears Your Dreams

Someone else may have a trademark claim to the name I am considering. I could become embroiled in a legal battle against a company with deep pockets, and I would stand zero chance. I’m not familiar with the rules & regulations governing charity work, my expertise in for-profit business. There are so many organizations thatContinue reading “Your Brain Fears Your Dreams”

How To Lose A Client via Email

I just drafted an emotional email to a client, then quickly decided to place it in the trash. I made several points, which I was probably right about. I worded it very positively. But how were they going to feel about it? They were going to feel like they did something wrong. That’s not whatContinue reading “How To Lose A Client via Email”