I Am A Blog Sinner

I briefly flirted with the mantra that ‘every blog post must contain images‘, but I’ve decided that is bullshit.
Here are some reasons why just about every social media expert and blogging advice website say that I should insert images:

  • To break up content and make reading easier.
  • To add another level of depth.
  • To get more ‘likes’.
  • To leave a lasting impression.

… the list goes on, though it’s mostly the same thing said thirty-four different ways. Here is the truth:

  • If my post can’t keep your attention from the top to the bottom, it wasn’t good enough.
  • Pasting an image from Google isn’t going to make a fluff post any stronger.
  • I’d rather spend thirty extra minutes making the content more valuable to you, than photo editing.
  • If an image is appropriate, I will include it.

Powerful imagery adds color and depth, but it doesn’t write powerful words. (The reverse is also true.)

Pasting imagery from the top ten search results is not powerful, it’s rushing and conforming to SEO ‘gurus’.

Not every blog post needs an image. Every blog post needs a message.

PS: The SEO focus keyword of this post is ‘image’ but I purposely left it out of the title. Forgive me gurus, for I have sinned.

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