Facing Holiday Fears

I used to dread Thanksgiving and Christmas, because it meant that I had to face my family, who I had been lying to all year. There was no ‘getting out’ of coming home for the holidays. I remember sitting at the table, not really being present though, counting the minutes down until it was over, struggling to keep myself composed.
My truth was the opposite, though I could not see it at the time. For me, there was no ‘getting out’ of asking for help. I had to face myself; not my family. I was scared to deal with what was inside of me.

It could be the other way around for you – perhaps you are trying to deal with your mental illness, but the people around you are afraid. You might not want to go home, or you might not feel welcome at home.

Or perhaps you have no home to go to. If any of these are the case, today’s post is for you.

You should know that there are many of us out there, either feeling the same way, or who have felt the same way. We’re here to listen if you’d like to talk to us.

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