The Blogging Temper-Vent

I’ve always had a temper. Certain things get me frustrated, and there’s this switch that flips. My body temperature quickly boils up, my hand and feet instantly become drenched in sweat, my voice changes, and I start acting like … well frankly, an idiot.
I recognize this. My father has it to, and so did his father before him, and I’ll be that my grandfather’s father did too. No excuse, it’s just the truth. It’s probably a good time to mention that all of these men (my grandfather, my father, and I) are great people. We’re just not perfect.

I think that lately, in my mid-thirties, I’ve done a decent job of shutting down these little flare-ups either before, or quickly after they start.

Then I started blogging. Part of blogging is letting go of your fear and expressing yourself. That means, less being guarded about what you say and more just saying how you feel.

So it’s a mixed bag – overall a huge positive. I feel more alive than ever. But I also noticed I am quick to put my foot down about things that I am passionate about. This can lead to me yelling.

It’s the yelling that is no good. I’ve got to remember to stay calm and listen carefully, then speak normally.

What about you? Many of you reading this are bloggers too. Has blogging led to more venting of emotions when you’re off the keyboard and in the physical world?

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