When Is A Mistake Also Perfect?

The other day I blurted a curse while talking to a client, and in that moment our relationship welded solid.

My spouts of profanity are usually self-directed; they’re rarely part of a conversation with a client. The last, and perhaps only, time a client overheard me swearing, they stopped being a client. (That’s a story for another post.)

The context was different this time. We were constructively working out some issues. Each side was expressing frustrations openly and honestly. The conversation was respectful and real.

It shot out of me; I could not find the right word in time.

I quickly excused my own language, but we both laughed about it. Each of us relaxed, and subsequently flung one or two additional ‘forbidden phrases’ around.

This is not a recommendation for cursing as a ‘best practice’ in your business. However, I do recommend being yourself.

I am not perfect. Sometimes it shows, and that is perfectly real.

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