Do We Need 1 More Website?

More media (books, television shows, movies, e-magazines, journals, videos, songs, etc.) will be continue to published at a rate faster than we can consume it.
All of this media will cover more topics, or, cover the same topics in more ways.

For example, a topic that I will publish on is mental illness.  I’ve mentioned my plans to write a book, create a journal, and most likely a website that will coincide with each of those.

Google search results are as follows:

  • Mental Illness Websites: 4,820,000 results.
  • Mental Illness Books: 55,200,000 results.
  • Mental Illness Journals: 9,590,000 results.

Does the world need one more?


You see, I can browse Google or Barnes & Noble for my competition, and get lost for days. Yet the fact remains that will all of those resources out there (many of which are excellent), mental illness is still here. In fact, it’s on the rise. Whether you attribute that to more diagnosis, or something else, it is still here and it is growing.

Just the same as obesity, poverty, inequality, rape, and countless other problems are growing too. We are not curing ourselves simply by publishing more information.

The question is, how do you find the most valuable, pertinent information for you? Not by sifting through 5 million websites.

If you have something you care about, deeply, you’ll care enough to create meaningful content that matters. People will seek that out.

Don’t be scared by what’s already out there. Just put your head down, create something, and show it to a small group of people who might be interested. Then see what happens.

You might be surprised.


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