Unsubscribe From Time


I ‘turned 34’ today as I write this, though at the stroke of midnight, no gong sounded to signify this glorious occasion.

This concise post by Seth nails the idea. Note the title: “Time Doesn’t Exist Until We Invent It.”

Time is a concept we subscribe to.

Can you change the fact that school starts at 6:57 AM every day, or that your plane leaves at 2:42 PM next Wednesday? No.

Can you change the way you approach every day, by recognizing ‘time‘ is someone else’s invention? Yes.

You can move a mountain between sunrise and sunset.

Not in seconds, minutes, hours, or years. In one real day.

People occasionally are baffled at the fact that I don’t track how old I am. I thought I was turning 35 the other day; I literally had to subtract 1979 from 2013 to figure it out.

I don’t count my years because they are not important. Only today is.

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