Make Something Better

I wrote recently that I’d like to start a journal about mental illness. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the direction I’d like to go with it.
There are several websites that are dedicated to fighting, helping, and de-stigmatizing mental illness already. There are countless books and blogs. I’ve been reading and connecting with many of them.

It would be easy to say, ‘Oh, well, there is so much information out there, what is one more journal going to add?

Here’s the thing – and you should apply this to any project you hesitate to start – it’s not about becoming one more among a crowd.

It’s about making something great and standing out from the crowd.

I have a vision of what I want and where I want it to go.

I’ll be posting an outline of that shortly, and I’ll need your help too. Especially if you’re a writer who would like to contribute. I won’t be doing this on my own.


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