Love & Race

I’ve been wondering if the custom of marrying your own ‘kind’ contributes to racism? Does feeling like ‘X’ should only marry ‘X’ contribute more negativity than good?
When I was young, I told myself I would marry whomever I fell in love with, regardless of race or creed. My family encouraged me to marry a ‘nice Jewish girl’, as every Jewish family does. ‘My love will not be restricted’, I thought. Then I married a very ‘nice Jewish girl’.

Compatibility is important to a successful marriage. It can be a very helpful thing.

The only point where I draw the line is when we close ourselves off and say, ‘I will never associate with a certain group.’ That’s when we stop listening & treating other humans as equals. Terrible things ensue.

Mixed marriages are so frequent that the notion of ‘being 100% anything’ is fleeting. Racial walls that existed 50 years ago are slowly crumbling.

Still, there is a place for tradition and ethnic identity in this world, if we maintain respect.

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