Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

Dear @Twitter,
Am I required to keep following people who are not interested in connecting with me?

After being temporarily suspended the other day, I am now paralyzed with fear.

I was aggressively churning, and that was wrong. I apologize. My intention was not to create a negative experience for anyone else.

I copied about 75 followers from @JAltucher and followed them. (He’s one of my favorite writers.) Later I un-followed a bunch of them. I did these for 2 or 3 days.

I am not a spammer, or a robot. I am a writer and a human, looking to connect with other humans. This is your rule:

“Following on Twitter is different because following is not mutual.”

I respect this rule. Nobody has to follow me back. If they don’t think I’m interesting, they shouldn’t.

The rule does not state, however, that I have to keep following everyone I follow.

For me, it is not about numbers. I have 75 followers. I am the least famous author in the world ever to be suspended by Twitter.

I would kill for 1,000 true fans rather than 100,000 followers. (I’m not a killer!)

It’s about discovering people who want to have a conversation with me, and who like to talk about the things I like to write about.

There must be an actual number (known as the ‘churn ratio’) which triggers suspension. I am content to follow & un-follow a meager 5 to 10 people per day. I don’t ask much. Am I going to get suspended again that?

If so, please tell me now, and I’ll go somewhere else, like @Wattpad or @Tumblr.

I thank you for providing this amazing service. I hope to contribute something to it.

Sincerely Not Spam,

Matt Fried <– (That’s me, on Twitter. Hopefully for a long time …)

PS: If I post this on @Medium, will that help?

6 thoughts on “Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

  1. Oh my goodness, this happened to me!
    I used to write a handbag website, and when it started, I basically set about following all those that are on my private twitter account, basically duplicating my followers. I then went through and followed fashion types as that was what my website was about. Realising that some of these were not the type of people I wanted on my list (people who constantly tweeting links, ten or so at a time) I de-followed them.
    And bam – Twitter suspended me. Felt quite sick about it, really. Like I was in trouble with the headmaster – did you have the same feeling? In the end I think I wrote to Twitter, pleaded my case, and in a few days all was well. But given I had just launched a new website and was busy communicating with readers and designers (who I only had contact with via Twitter) it did put quite the spanner in the works.
    I hope it all works out for you – I know how frustrating it is.

    1. Thank you, and, in my case my account was re-opened within minutes. I just had to read the terms and promise to follow their best practices going forward. The frustrating part is that I have read those terms, twice, and although they are seemingly clear, there is no specifically defined limit drawn between ‘churning’ and ‘acceptable’.

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