The 2 Millimeter Killer

I’ve read about turning off ‘push’ notifications before, but I hadn’t tried it.
That little 2 millimeter  bar (I measured) exerts power over you, but you may not realize it.

You probably go get your eyes checked, if you wear glasses or contacts, once a year. Less if you don’t. Yet you strain to read something smaller than the bottom line on the eye chart tens, or possibly hundreds of times per day.

Forget about your eyesight though, how about your sanity?

A push notification that ‘you’ve got mail‘ or ‘@FriedsBlog is now following you on Twitter‘ sucks your eyes towards your phone like a vacuum.

It’s more addicting that cocaine. I’ve tried both. Don’t use either one.

Instead, turn off your push notifications & you’ll find that you write better, more relaxed emails once or twice per day, when you sit down to check them like a normal person. Not like an automated robot.

You’ll avoid those ‘Oh sh*t now I have to call because this rapid fire email chain which should have been a phone call originally is getting to confusing” moments too.

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