Why Rational Arguments Fail In Reality

Here is an example of why some rational arguments fail in reality:
It would be perfectly rational to propose that:

  • “Stop & Frisk Policy” in NYC reduces crime significantly, and support that with numeric data.
  • Minorities such as Blacks & Latinos statistically are much more often the victims of crime (than Whites), therefore they stand to benefit the most from the Policy remaining in place.
  • The recent mayoral election numbers, which show that Blacks & Latinos voted for DeBlasio (who will remove ‘Stop & Frisk Policy’) by an overwhelming majority (numbers higher than 90%) suggests that those voters were possibly misguided, and that they will suffer from the policy’s removal as a result of increased crime.

From the outside, that sounds very logical. Now, let’s look inside.

The person who made that argument does not live in Rosedale, Hunts Point, Marcy, or Bushwick. (Neither do I.)

Perhaps if that person did live in one of those places, they might be able to feel what it is like to constantly walk around the street in fear of being stopped & frisked.

The only reason I have any inkling of that notion is because I am actually listening to what Blacks & Latinos are saying. They are saying it on the radio, in the media, and in the courts. They said it with their vote.

More than 90% of Blacks & Latinos who voted for DeBlasio knew exactly what they were voting for. They want that policy STOPPED. They were not voting misguided, under some veil of perceived naiveté.

It’s not about being rational. It is all about feeling like the police are not invading your community.

Life, feeling, listening, community … those things don’t work according to ration.

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