Dear Demetrios Stratis

There might actually be a legal case to be made to overturn New Jersey’s law which bans conversion therapy for minors. You may or may not approve of ‘alternative’ sexuality.
The thing is, gay people have been around far longer than the United States has been, and they are not going to crumble society merely by existing with equal rights.

You’re not going to eradicate them or get them all in a room with a therapist who can change them. This is not a war or a holocaust.

All that you are really doing, Mr. Demetrios Stratis ESQ, is spreading fear and hate. Yes I am sure that you might say or think you are defending some valiant cause.

Except that I heard you on public radio directly comparing ‘unwanted same sex attractions’ to ‘over-indulgences such as obesity or alcoholism.’

I was going to end this letter with a raging admonishment, outlining how shameful it is for a ‘professional’ attorney such as yourself to be hate-mongering. That wouldn’t change your mind though.

Instead I’ll just ask you a question. Hopefully the answer will shine a light on the dark ages you are living in.

Do the children in this video, who represent where we are headed as a society, view same-sex attraction is a curable disease?

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