How To Detect Trash Before You Write It + An Idea

If I had remembered these three quotes thirty minutes ago, I would have saved myself the time of typing up a rational, convincing, safe, five hundred word post that is now trash.

Your first mistake might be assuming that people are rational. – Seth Godin

You can’t convince anyone of anything. – James Altucher

I do not publish something unless it is scary to me. – James Altucher

On to the scary.

Here’s an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while: A driving ‘report card’.

I haven’t been exactly sure what to do with it. A quick Google search yields that several websites already exits for reporting bad drivers. You can submit their license plate, and a description of what they did wrong, etc. … nothing earth-shaking there.

The premise being that if we all report bad drivers, they’ll be deterred from doing it again? Or that their insurance companies will find out?

I’m not sure exactly what these websites are doing with all the data.

Between August and October, I started compiling a list of my own personal observed terrible driver incidents, complete with many details.

I only took the time to voice record or write down the information of drivers that were endangering other people’s lives.

What I found was, that at the same time I noticed several drivers taking extra precautions to save other people’s lives.

What if we could somehow reward those people? I’m not sure how, but, I started writing down their information too.

In the event of a commercial van, I could just call up the business owner and explain how responsible their employee was. That would go a long way for the driver.

But there’s got to be something more to this. There aren’t a bunch of people out there building websites for no reason.

What do you think? Ideas welcome. What can, or should, we do with all of this data we are compiling?

2 thoughts

  1. Matt, you amaze me with how hyper-self-critical you are. The fact that there are websites citing bad drivers scares the shit out of me. We are becoming our own Big Brother. What is up with that. Doesn’t anyone see what kind of instant moment recognition society we are becoming, have become. I’m ghlad that a 61 I have maybe with luck another 25 years to live. I can’t imaging today the kind of society I will be leaving by then. But I think I will be happy to get away from such easy-conscience overview. Be well my friend. >KB

    1. There is definitely a debate to be had about what should be instant or not. But just going back to the drivers for a minute:
      I don’t need a mobile app to report violations instantly. (Though, a voice-activated one would be safer and also be able to pinpoint the location, possibly alerting highway patrol as well.) I don’t want to be Big Brother.
      What I desire is a way to deter people from texting while driving with their heads down, while you and I have our families in the car on the same road!
      One excellent suggestion (from Seth Godin as well) was to simply install technology on ALL phones so that they cannot be used while in motion. Simple. Done. You want to write an email? Pull over or sit down and do it.
      But it goes a little bit beyond phones, also towards reckless drivers and general safety too.

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