4 Rules I Learned Growing Up

These 4 things are true:

  • If we don’t speak up in class, we’ll never be wrong.
  • If we don’t tell our story, nobody can make fun of us.
  • If we don’t pay our taxes, society will crumble.
  • If we don’t fight in wars, we’ll go to jail.

It’s easy to do what we’re told, and keep chugging along at the same snail’s pace of existence.

Or we could break some rules and: be right, learn from our mistakes, start meaningful conversations, connect with people who care, take control over inequality and corruption, and maybe, achieve some peace.

For the record, I am not suggesting you skip your taxes. But Congress themselves froze the entire government by withholding money, essentially, when there were not happy with the budget. Have you really seen where the budget money goes?

A 5th truth: Success in any measure is not gained lying down.

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