I won.

I battled depression for a decade an won. I wrote that for the first time and added it to my new static homepage of the new site. It’s a bold statement that deserves clarification. It took me ten years before I would even think that way. I remain vigilant against triggers, even though I’m not ‘worried’. ItContinue reading “I won.”

Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story

The most frequent combination of words that I speak on a daily basis might be ‘Thank You’ and its variations. I often take pause to reflect on moments that I am thankful for on a daily basis. For example: when my wife is nervous about what’s taking so long at the supermarket, when my kidsContinue reading “Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story”

Here’s What I Really Want For My Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and I don’t want a crew neck sweater. This is what I want. I’m not going to list things that I generally want like ‘health,’ ‘world peace,’ or ‘better government.’ This is a completely hedonist list. No holding back no matter how selfish or trivial these items may seem. Just the truth.Continue reading “Here’s What I Really Want For My Birthday”

I Am Not Eduardo Solis

I had a lot of friends in school. Some of us are still close. Most everybody, as far as I knew, liked me. Sometimes I read an inspiring story such as Eduardo Solis’, and I second-guess myself. I wasn’t bullied. I had it easy. Really easy. What did I have to be depressed about? Who wants to hearContinue reading “I Am Not Eduardo Solis”

We’re Far From Equals, Yet

I’ll never forget the time a non-Jew (which I had known many of before) approached me in our middle-school hallway and bluntly asked “Are you Jewish?” I was pretty sure I did not have a Jew sign on my forehead, so I said ‘Yes.’ He made some indecipherable body gesture and walked away, leaving meContinue reading “We’re Far From Equals, Yet”

Love & Race

I’ve been wondering if the custom of marrying your own ‘kind’ contributes to racism? Does feeling like ‘X’ should only marry ‘X’ contribute more negativity than good? When I was young, I told myself I would marry whomever I fell in love with, regardless of race or creed. My family encouraged me to marry a ‘niceContinue reading “Love & Race”

Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

Dear @Twitter, Am I required to keep following people who are not interested in connecting with me? After being temporarily suspended the other day, I am now paralyzed with fear. I was aggressively churning, and that was wrong. I apologize. My intention was not to create a negative experience for anyone else. I copied aboutContinue reading “Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?”

Car Bopping

(Profanity in this 30 second clip) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNCkj0kPqRw I have been guilty of this, I’m sorry to admit. I’m a white guy who likes to sing and dance in his car. I’ve frozen up and stone-faced myself when pulling up next to a car of other white people. I don’t know what I was afraid of.Continue reading “Car Bopping”

Slivers Of Truth

I hear arguments like this often: Medicare is rampant with fraud and should be dismantled. Government should stay out of the private sector. And read stories like this often: Johnson & Johnson reached an out-of-court settlement for $2.2 BILLION with the Justice Department. They committed multiple criminal and civil violations, including Medicare fraud and theContinue reading “Slivers Of Truth”

Working Through Fears

Here’s what scares me about writing, so far: I’m able to use myself as the subject, but am I able to do the same thing through other characters effectively? I’m working on a memoir, but after that is done, can I transition to fiction or some other project? What is my niche? These are some ofContinue reading “Working Through Fears”