You Have to Ask for Help

The other day I wrote a post titled ‘Enduring Hell.’ You might wonder, what ‘Hell?’ Indeed, in no way have I suffered the smallest fraction of what many others have. This is not about comparing stories. It’s about telling stories. It does not matter if your Hell is inside your brain, but Elizabeth Smart’s wasContinue reading “You Have to Ask for Help”

Enduring Hell

The cold tip of a sharp hunting blade pressed against the skin of your gut is tiny, but powerful. The point is no wider than a safety-pin, but the interlocked grip of your fingers around its heavy handle, combined with the unforgiving firmness of the welded blade provide ample opportunity to pierce through with minimalContinue reading “Enduring Hell”


Humanity is an electric impulse pulsating down a frayed wire. Where strands bridge the gap, a connection is made, energy passes through the circuit and provides power at the end. Where the wire frays off into the air, the impulse also travels. Shock from exposed wire is strong enough to kill, if deliberately conducted inContinue reading “Rewiring”

Emperor of the Internet

Faithful Subjects: I hereby proclaim myself “Emperor of the Internet.” Fore-with, I alone shall govern all disputes arising on the Internet between any of you, my Royal Subjects. No other shall lay claim to the title of Emperor lest they be banished forever. In return for this solemn duty, I hereby swear to uphold CommonContinue reading “Emperor of the Internet”

Why Is My Email Address My Domain Name?

I could have used Gmail or any service, but I set up Some of the most popular bloggers in the world, with millions more readers than me, don’t personalize theirs. – It’s a cheap plug. – I really enjoyed changing all my old usernames. – I take things to the extreme when I startContinue reading “Why Is My Email Address My Domain Name?”

Defining: Friend

For a long time, I defined a ‘friend’ as someone who I would do anything to help. I still do, but there are multiple levels to explore. I’ve noticed, from sharing & giving via writing, that there’s a different kind of friendship. You are my friend. Not my ‘Facebook’ friend, or someone who I willContinue reading “Defining: Friend”

This Was A Really Bad Post

Good thing I just deleted about 100 words of a post contending that ‘polygamy should be legal because gay marriage is now legal.’ Yesterday, the argument seemed logical. On second thought, it was wrong. The reason polygamy doesn’t work as a species (I’m guessing here) might be inbreeding. Were one man to father all theContinue reading “This Was A Really Bad Post”