8 Ways I Messed Up Today

Today I was reflecting on a mistake I made, and thought to myself ‘What other mistakes have I made today?
Within twenty minutes, I had a list of eight:

  1. I played a joke on someone close to me, that seemed funny at the time, but was actually childish, rude, inappropriate, and may not be so funny to that person or the people they work with.
  2. I did not give a customer the best possible answer I could have during a particular phone call.
  3. I exhibited frustration openly at work about things that are not inherently frustrating. (Basically, it was me, not the thing itself.)
  4. I was impolite to my father.
  5. I placed a customer on hold for ten extra seconds that were not really necessary.
  6. I dismissed a person handing out flyers for something on the side of the road by waving her away without eye contact.
  7. I spent about $35 more than I needed to.
  8. I glanced at my email inbox on my phone in very slow-moving traffic.

What can I take away from this?

All of them originated from within me. They can be apologized for. It is possible to either re-do or undo them with better actions tomorrow.

I’ve written about how it sometimes feels impossible to change the world, because the scope is too grand.

Better to start with some small changes I can make on my own first.

3 thoughts

  1. Matt, you know you don’t have to beat yourself up. There are plenty of people who don’t even know you who would gladly do it for free. Buck up dude. Get off the pity potty. You’re much better than that. >KB

    1. You’re right! Look, I resisted the temptation to add in any positive justifications to these 8 mistakes, or to write about some of the good things I did yesterday. Whether or not the good far outweighed the bad though, doesn’t eliminate the bad.
      I’m not sure if anyone would find me talking about how nice of a guy I am that interesting …
      This is definitely not me thinking I am a horrible person. Just outlining areas for improvement.

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