Opportunities Knock; Are We Listening?

Last week I wrote and had my first article published! It’s here on Parent Society and yes, I would appreciate it if you checked it out. Here’s a small excerpt:

Perhaps that is arrogant. Perhaps that mindset leads me to make mistakes. But it also fosters being emotionally strong. I am the bedrock of the family. I have no time, or room, to doubt my abilities.

I hope you’ll click and read the rest, because the content is unique to their website.

There is more to today’s post that self-promotion though. Don’t worry, I’ll never fluff-ball you. I respect you too much.

First, I hope you enjoy reading what I write, so, I’ll always let you know what I publish and what I’m up to.

Second, I thought I’d relate the experience of writing for someone else versus writing whatever the hell I feel like. You know, me being a grizzly veteran of the industry.

Sometimes an opportunity comes and you just have to seize it. I think if I had been searching for writing jobs, I might have not have chosen to see this one. However, I was asked to do it, and, then I took a few minutes to browse the site.

The important thing was, I left my preconceptions out of the decision. Did I see topics I normally would write about? No.

I asked myself, “What is parenting?” Parenting is life. It’s what most of us live and work for: to raise our children and make a better world for them.

That is something I aspire to do with this blog, and that is how I realized this is a great opportunity for me as a writer.

You might wonder, do they have guidelines, and editors, etc.? Yes, of course they do. Any publication does. I could have very easily said to myself, “Oh well they’ll probably censor me or not let me take my ideas in the direction I want to.”

Guess what? That was my own fear talking, my own brain trying to push me away from success.

The truth of the matter is, that the good people over at Parent Society have given me a wide latitude of freedom. There is no topic that is off-limits, within the scope of parenting. What more could a writer ask for?

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