What Kind Of Uniform Do You Wear?

You probably wear one; most of us do.
An early post on this blog touched on the idea of ‘indifference to what others wear.’

Yet I couldn’t help but notice the unremarkable similarity of fashion within a group of peers the other day.

Was each person’s attire nuanced? Yes, and with thoughtful attention to detail. To each other, the distance between a high black boot and a low-cut shoe probably felt as far as it would to shout across a canyon.

This is not an observation of women’s fashion though, which I know nothing of. It goes for the men too.

All of our dress fell within a certain spectrum of acceptability. Mine included.

Since the clothes in my closet do in fact conform to what a certain group of people expect, in that aspect, I am not free.

Sometimes I just want to put on a tuxedo when it’s totally ‘inappropriate’ to see how people would react.

Good thing my clothes are not my skin.

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