Exploring My Motives

The last five posts were responses to actual, valid questions from readers in response an earlier post. I felt the need to answer them.
If you notice their titles (What If, What If, Why, etc.) you will see that there is an infinite number of reasons why one should not do something.

Nobody ever created anything meaningful by not creating it.

I stood paralyzed by those fears for thirty-five years. What if I actually do something a little risky? People might actually like it.

I am content with my answers. If you think I’m wrong, tell me. You can respond, or ask any new question you like, right in the comments. Or by emailing me directly at:    disrupt { at } friedsblog {dot} com

For now, this should wrap up the consecutive Q&A posting session. Tomorrow’s post will go back to the business of new exploration.

Self-examination is exploration, so, please try to stump me.

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