Should I Be Worried About You?

The fact that I’ve written about past problems does not mean that I am having current problems. I feel a duty, and finally possess the confidence to put the darkest thoughts from my youth to paper.
I have published over 120 posts, but less than ten of them concern my past depression. This blog is not solely about mental illness, but that is one of the topics in which I can offer some perspective. When I feel it’s a meaningful post, I will publish it. Especially if I think it can help someone else.

This blog is mainly about confronting fear (the tagline “What Am I Afraid Of?” appears at the top) and that means, writing about things I used to be afraid of.

If I can nudge one reader out there to seek help, then trust me, that is worth it. Imagine how thankful their parents would be for averting a possible tragedy.

Be happy for me because I love doing this.

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