What If My Blog Leads to Bullying of My Kids?

Certainly a valid question. There is a simple answer. Bullies are not friends.
It wouldn’t require much effort to write one-thousand more words, instead of just those four. However that is the central tenet I always come back to.

What real friends are is what I want my kids to remember if they are ever bullied. Whether the insult is about my writing, my car, their hair, or their _____.

None of those are the cause of bullying. The insecurity of the bully is.

I’m not naive. I realize this is a serious issue. I know that kids can be pathologically and fatally cruel. It is an issue that I will continue to write about on this blog, because I care deeply about it.

I (meaning, my wife & I) will prepare my children the best that I can. I’ll teach them to ignore negativity. I’ll teach them to defend themselves, and others, when necessary. I’ll teach them to love themselves and be confident. I’ll teach them how to take the high road.

I hope that my writing will be an example of these things.

The more I share, the more I bring to light how weird = good, the more I show how full of shame the bullies are, that’s how it’s going to stop. Bullying won’t go away by hiding. Bullies seek out scared. Bullies prey on fear.

Sharing takes away their ammunition.

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