What If I Have to Get a Job …

… and a potential employer reads this blog, where they could find out that I had issues in my youth with drugs and depression?
It is possible that certain doors could close. Doors where employers frown upon anything that indicates potential for trouble.

It is also possible that other doors will open. Doors with employers looking for honesty, courage, initiative, communication skills, and the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

I know which kind of place I want to work at.

It’s hardly a startling revelation that one has drunk or done drugs. Depression, perhaps slightly more so – though it is more common than it is talked about.

“Have you ever used drugs” might be the most lied about question on job applications in the history of mankind. I don’t have statistics. Just a hunch.

Employers Google candidates during the hiring process. Services like Vizify create an instant online resume for you.

When I get ‘Googled’, what I’ve done is going to come up whether I want it to or not. The question is, what have I done?

Have I owned up to what I’ve done? How many websites have I built, books written, or …. whatever? They’re all going to pop up.

I could have an ’empty’ online profile, indicating that I’m either hiding, replaceable, or boring.

Or, I can stand up and be proud. This blog is part of my resume.

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