Weed VS. Alcohol

Watching a two-hour movie, eaten frozen yogurt, 4 ounces of paleo chocolate, nuts, and two enormously meaty left over St. Louis smoked pork ribs bring me down enough since smoking a bowl to write my first post while ‘high’. Not something I’ll make a habit of, but an experiment, if you will.

I only smoke between six to twelve times per year now, annually spending $120 on weed. At my peak, I estimate smoking five times per day and spending $3120 per year. I am an ex-pothead who still uses the drug.

It is not OK to smoke weed. I am not perfect.

I used to drink, a lot. At a wedding, karaoke bar, or barbecue, I am still prone to unleashing ‘Frank The Tank.’ Hopefully, he has made his final appearance.

I’m still an alcoholic, as anyone who’s been to a meeting will tell you. One should never forget that.

That is why I say ‘hopefully’, because deep down inside, there is this raging desire to just get completely wasted. Now that I’m much older, it doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’ve found other things I like better. Yet, it still exists.

It always will, and I must always remember that. There is no ‘Frank’. It is a part of me.

Beer is worse than weed, but beer is promoted openly in the media. I haven’t seen any commercials for weed lately.

Alcohol is just flat-out more destructive and dangerous, to the drinkers and to people around drinkers. Weed can lead to bad habits such as laziness, lack of motivation, or worse; but it won’t cause fatal car accidents (generally) or trigger violence.

There’s no definitive conclusion here, other than, be honest with yourself about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Above is my truth. What’s yours?

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