Reading & Being Read

I rarely read my own Facebook News Feed or my Twitter Timeline, and as a result I miss over 90% of the posts that my friends and professionals whom I follow put on those services. I publicize these blog entries to both of those services, because I know that other people rely on them. (Personally, I find FB & Twitter much better for conversations.)
The problem is that, I know there are many people out there just like me, who, never really spend time on these sites. So they must be missing out on my writing, correct?

Here’s how to solve the problem of Social Media and readership. Ignore it. Stop worrying about where to post things or why or how to get more readers.

I need to focus on writing my a** off and, whoever likes it will come find me.

So this is my last post about readership. I’ve got some drafted thoughts that are a little more edgy. I’ve been holding back a bit out of fear. Stick around for the ride!

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