Entering A Chat Room

Back when AOL dominated the internet, and we were all connecting using our phone lines (please, don’t call my house while I’m online), there were chat rooms. Of course there still are, but they were new back then. My friends and I used to ‘go online’ in each other’s basements and look for girls to talk to. Hopefully they were girls.
The concept was so new that each experience was electric. I can picture four of us hovering around the screen, one seated and typing, the others standing, sometimes with arms draped over each others’ shoulders to facilitate a close up viewpoint, shouting suggestions to type, and staring while the other end typed back.

Now there are more ways to connect than ever. You know what? It’s even more exciting that it was back then. Even with the advent of all the social media services and other platforms, we have not even begun to tap into the potential of what’s possible.

The perfect girl for you is online right now, in a chat room, waiting for you to message her.

I’m not asking you to Tweet pictures of your genitals. I’m telling you to pick something that is wrong, and share your idea about how to make it better.

No matter how weird it may be, there just may be a whole bunch of weird people waiting for it.





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