Enduring Hell

The cold tip of a sharp hunting blade pressed against the skin of your gut is tiny, but powerful. The point is no wider than a safety-pin, but the interlocked grip of your fingers around its heavy handle, combined with the unforgiving firmness of the welded blade provide ample opportunity to pierce through with minimal pressure.
Hesitation is the only thing stopping you from splaying yourself all over your car; but it is also the only thing that will save you. If you have any hesitation in your brain at all then you must listen to it.

You’ve listened to the other feelings that got you here. Listen to this one too. Most of the tags and posts on this blog are a call to action. This too, is a call to action: to pause.

Pause for an hour, a day, or a week. If you really want to kill yourself, then, it doesn’t exactly matter when you do it, does it? In other words, what’s one more week of enduring hell? You’re already burned.

Precisely at the point which you have nothing left to live for, you also have nothing left to lose by talking to someone. There is a staircase leading up and out. That is a promise I can make you, unequivocally. You just need a little help finding it.

Should you find this post and would like to talk to me about it, you can contact me by any of the social methods on my blog or by emailing me directly at disrupt@friedsblog.com.

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