Emperor of the Internet

Faithful Subjects:
I hereby proclaim myself “Emperor of the Internet.”

Fore-with, I alone shall govern all disputes arising on the Internet between any of you, my Royal Subjects. No other shall lay claim to the title of Emperor lest they be banished forever.

In return for this solemn duty, I hereby swear to uphold Common Law to the highest standard of ethics, making sure that no Subject is regarded as more important than any other.

For too long, the Internet has run a muck lawlessly whilst sharks prey on minnows. Should any of my Subjects feel violated by any other, I shall publicly hear your case in the Emperor’s Court.

Bring me your grievances with each other, with Google, the NSA, identity thieves, ICANN, trolls, PayPal, or anyone who commits wrongdoing without fear of reprisal on the Internet.

No longer shall we be fractured into various Social Media platforms, specialty forums & message boards,  websites, and search results. We must unify under one umbrella of Internet Law.

Today is Judgement Day. Tomorrow the Internet shall be free and equal for all.


Emperor Fried

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