How To Achieve World Peace (Or, Anything)

I want to dive a little deeper into the paralysis I mentioned yesterday.
I often think about non-violence, and ways which we can achieve peace, domestically and internationally.

Without fail, my chain of thought drifts towards the ominous places where the scope of suffering seems insurmountable.

The scope of world peace is insurmountable for me alone to think of.

Here’s how to break the chain:

  • Recognize that I am not alone.
  • Focus only on the sphere in which I operate. Nothing beyond.

Do not waste time asking myself, “What can’t I do?” Rather, “What can I do?” I’ll start at the center of the sphere and work outwardly.

  • I can practice non-violence in all aspects of my own life. (CHECK)
  • I can teach my children about non-violence by example. (CHECK)
  • I can tell a story, write a book, or create a piece of art that conveys the sentiment, and share it. (CHECK)
  • I can lead a small group of local children or adults to explore the topic.
  • I can look for local organizations working on the same issue, and offer to join.

If I care about an issue, but I am not doing everything I can, that is the problem. It has nothing to do with what’s going on anywhere else. In this example, I am part of the problem, because I am not able to check off some simple ‘next possible steps.’

Pick something today, work on it now, and the scope will change one step at a time.

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