Beautiful Performances

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘what people want’ and ‘how an enterprise such as the NFL’ can be popular with so many people. These days, creating something that pleases everyone is impossible – and not recommended.
Yet still, it is fascinating to me how NFL Football could be so huge. Is there anything else that approaches that type of popularity?

Yes. McDonald’s, Budweiser, Levi’s, iPhones … along with several other iconic American brands. Those things compare in terms of revenues. However, people don’t pack into a stadium and paint their faces for a pair of jeans or a hamburger.

They do pack into a stadium in droves to sing at the top of their lungs (or dance, or just listen) to great musicians. The best musicians share original art with us. It’s a thing of beauty that we’re looking for.

We’ve all got something beautiful to offer. Perform it, and your crowd will find you.

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