List 10 Miracles

List ten miracles in your life every day. In a recent post from James Altucher, he revealed that he does this every day, and asked his readers to. Here are mine from the end of the day on Saturday:

  1. I’m able to instantly bring up any form of media I want within 5 seconds on a variety of screens.
  2. My children spent the day with twelve of their close family members, including one great grandparent.
  3. Great grandma is one of three still living to watch the kids grow up.
  4. My phone told me to take a right turn down a small side street in order to avoid traffic ahead. How did it know that?
  5. I’ve got a little post-it next to me with the idea for a website scribbled on it. I can make that a reality.
  6. I could cook a meal from virtually any cuisine in my kitchen if I wanted to.
  7. If I didn’t feel like cooking it, I could go get it at a restaurant nearby.
  8. I read both of my kids books tonight before bed, gave each one a kiss on the forehead, and told them I loved them.
  9. I get to send this post to all of you, and maybe at least one of you will try making your own list later today.
  10. I didn’t die today. I get a whole new day of miracles tomorrow.

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