Reading Tools

I read avidly during three distinct periods in my life:

  • Before I encountered depression, from the ages of 0-13.
  • Inside a psychiatric ward practically non-stop for one week. (This was more than ten years ago.)
  • Right before I started this blog a few months ago.

Since the blog launch, I make sure to have a magazine, newspaper, or book strategically placed in each room of my house, briefcase, and car. Feedly reader puts all of my web-based content onto one screen, for my phone & computer. I cannot stand to spend more than a few minutes not learning something.

It seems that reading is directly related to my emotional state. Call it a ‘reverse bell curve of excitement’ if you will. There was a deep dip in the middle, void of reading. (Except for the base point, which I mentioned.)

I want as knowledgeable as I can be. I want to be in front of the discussion. I don’t want to be left behind. That’s why I am committing myself to a new venture in learning. Will you join me?

I have no idea what Krypton CC is going to be. It just looks cool. You can pick something else. Go the library or Wattpad. Better yet, take classes at Harvard for free. Here are some alternate education links for you. I might try those out too. Good luck!

Audio version, click here  –> SoundCloud BlogCast

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