Right2Write Prompt 8: “Own It”

I’m dead?


Who painted this? So many years have passed, yet I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was alone.

An artist.

But how?

A dream never dies. It passes from one to the next, until it is taken.


Taken possession of, and transformed into reality.

I don’t understand.

That’s why you’re coming with me. I wanted to show you what your dream could have become, before we leave this place.

Where are we going?

You are going to a place where only nightmares live. Start walking, I’m very busy today.

I happened across this Right2Write Prompt exercise so, I thought I’d take a stab at a fictional conversation inspired by the painting. Enjoy your holiday weekend and go submit something somewhere while you do!

4 thoughts

  1. “A dream never dies. It passes from one to the next until it is taken.”- that is a wonderful statement.Smooth flow of the conversation and quite a mysterious end. Lovely!
    Thanks a lot for participating in the prompt this week.

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