You Don’t Have To Look Away From Me

Even though I live in New York, I make eye contact with strangers, and invite them to do the same with a smile. Most people find it taboo to lock gazes for more than half a second. Yet it should be taboo not to acknowledge the fact that another person is in front of you.Continue reading “You Don’t Have To Look Away From Me”

Make An Appointment With Yourself

I’ve been on an idea-writing, motivation invoking, hungry for knowledge consumption kick lately BUT, Friday is music only day for me. Three to four hours spent in the car tuned to zero talk radio, only cranking rock or EDM with the windows down. It’s necessary for all of us to let our guards down andContinue reading “Make An Appointment With Yourself”

How To Achieve World Peace (Or, Anything)

I want to dive a little deeper into the paralysis I mentioned yesterday. I often think about non-violence, and ways which we can achieve peace, domestically and internationally. Without fail, my chain of thought drifts towards the ominous places where the scope of suffering seems insurmountable. The scope of world peace is insurmountable for meContinue reading “How To Achieve World Peace (Or, Anything)”

‘Snatch’ Your Best

  Snatch: The act of lifting the barbell directly from the floor to overhead. You could watch that video and, attempt a snatch on your own (not recommended). Or, you could read this 423 page book, find a mentor, and being training properly (better idea). Either path will inevitably lead you to the same point: you willContinue reading “‘Snatch’ Your Best”

Minutes Count

I’m please to have discovered NPR radio lately. Talk radio can be very time-sucking, and I like to make my minutes count. (This post applies to you, even if you’re not a radio listener.) It’s about identifying garbage and eliminating it from your life. Talking about talking is garbage. Criticizing without being constructive is garbage.Continue reading “Minutes Count”

An Idea For Wage Equality

What if it was a rule that the salary of the highest paid person in any organization could be no more than double that of the lowest paid person? The idea comes from James Altucher, not me, but since I read it a few weeks ago it has not left my head. Simple. Radical. Crazy.Continue reading “An Idea For Wage Equality”

Team Building

I wrote a whole post about money in politics and trashed it five minutes before pressing ‘PUBLISH’. Instead I’ll ask this: “If there were no external pressures in politics, would we regularly find common ground to solve big issues?” I cannot say ‘yes’ so I am forced to wonder what is required to foster compromise. There mustContinue reading “Team Building”