At the Checkout

(Customer in front of me) Did you hear that those McDonald’s workers want a raise from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour? Those people don’t deserve a raise, they can’t even speak English half of ’em. [He says something else and leaves.]
(Cashier) It’s ridiculous. McDonald’s probably can’t afford it! You know, so many people don’t even work and pay taxes, that’s what the problem is with this country. It’s really scary out there.

(Me) Actually it’s really hard work. They can’t live on $7.25 an hour, especially here in a city like New York. If they’re lucky they get their housing costs subsidized, otherwise the rent is too high. I’m pretty sure McDonald’s can afford to give them a raise. Did you know, they’re a pretty big company?

(Cashier) Yeah, I guess you can’t really live on that.

(Me) These people are making $7.25, but pay 40% of that income in taxes. The average company like McDonald’s pays 15%. I think they could probably split the difference and pay them $11, at least.

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