Nothing Unfinished?

Sometimes I write a post, save it as a draft, and then read it the next day before publishing. Then, I think that it’s completely terrible and rewrite a whole new post. It might cover the same idea, but have none of the same text.
So far I’ve published about 75 posts and there are still 13 drafts sitting in limbo. I revisit the drafts every now and then, to determine if they are workable ideas. Some are, but others just sit there, waiting for something.

They’re not trash; I’ve trashed 3 posts that were obviously garbage. They have something to say, but I haven’t figured out how to say it.

One day soon I will publish all the drafts, as is, for you. (When I reach a point where I am ‘stuck’ with them.) You can tell me where to go, or take them for your own work. I won’t need them anymore at that point.

Better to share an unfinished idea than leave it sitting in some lonely WordPress folder forever.

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