Breaking Norms In #Syria

Why not distribute 23 million gas masks to every single Syrian resident?

  • Cost: I could use some help here from anybody with military knowledge. How much would 1 mask effective enough to save the life of 1 person confronted with a chemical attack, cost (approximately)? Assume wholesale pricing, the government is footing the bill. Once we answer this, we can see which will cost more: a military strike, or a gas mask drop off.

That’s the only objection I can think of. I have a sneaking suspicion the bill for military intervention with missiles & guns would be more than the bill for the gas masks.

The benefits:

  • Many Americans don’t want to strike with force.
  • The UN really couldn’t object on a moral basis, and they should pitch in with the cost.
  • We are saving lives and giving the Syrians a chance to protect themselves and continue the battle.

If Syria has broken an international norm in using chemical weapons, we should combat that by breaking an international norm: Using our brains. Fight fire with water instead of fire.

The question of “How can we help Syrians?” has more than two answers (to strike vs. not to strike).

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